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Java Regular Expression Test

Java regular expression online testing provides Java regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, multiline mode, etc.

JavaScript Regular Expression Test

JavaScript regular expression (JS regular expression) online test, providing JavaScript regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, global mode, multiline mode, etc.

Golang Regular Expression Test Online

Golang regular expression test online tool provides online matching and replacement of golang regular expressions. This tool supports golang regular expression matching, golang regular expression splitting strings, and golang regular expression replacing strings.

Python Regular Expression Test Online

Python regular expression test online tool provides online matching and replacement of python regular expressions. This tool supports python regular expression matching, python regular expression splitting strings, and python regular expression replacing strings.

Random Number Generator Online

The online random number generator supports the generation of random integer values and random floating-point values. When unique is specified, all generated random numbers are not repeated.

UUID Generator Online

UUID online generator, guid online generator tool (GUID is a term for UUID by Microsoft). Support the generation of UUIDs for version 1 and version 4 algorithms. Version4 UUID is generally used.

String Length Calculation

Calculate the length of the string online, including the total number of characters in the input string, the number of valid characters (excluding white space characters), the number of words and paragraphs.

String Hex Converter

String hex conversion (hex to string, string to hex) converts the string into a byte array using the selected character set. Each byte in the byte array is encoded into two hexadecimal characters to obtain the hex string result.

HTML Editor Online

The online HTML editor provides the function of online rich text editing, and converts the edited rich text into HTML documents

Run Code Online

The online code running tool supports online running, editing and compiling of dozens of programming languages such as Java, c#, golang, C, C + +, JS, typescript, PHP and rust.

JSON5 Beautify / Validator Online

The JSON5 Beautify / Validator Online tool provides online json5 format verification, json5 format, json5 data compression and json5 data beautification functions.

Toggle String Case

Character case conversion tool, including character uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase and case inversion functions.

Random Password/String Generator

Online random password generator, random string generator. You can generate passwords or strings of specified length that meet specific strength requirements. The generation tool can customize generation rules, such as including specific characters and excluding specific characters.

JSON Format/JSON Parse Online

JSON Format/JSON Parse Online tool support online verification of JSON data format, formatting JSON data display, parsing JSON data, compressing JSON data and escaping JSON data. JSON data source supports inputting strings, opening local files and opening URLs.

Sequence Generator Online

Generate a string sequence based on numbers or expressions online. This tool supports batch generation of serial no list, or other text sequences with specific rules.

Explore Code Repository

Search the code repository and code snippets of dozens of programming languages such as java, c#, golang, js and python online. edit and run code online.

SQL Format / Compress

Online sql statement formatting (beautification) and compression tools support the formatting and compression of SQL statements such as SQL-2011, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle PL/SQL, Spark, SQL Server T-SQL, etc.

JSONPath Evaluator Online

Jsonpath evaluator online provides jsonpath online evaluate function. You can enter JSON data and then use jsonpath to extract the data.

JSON to Java Class Converter

Online JSON strings generate Java entity classes, JSON strings generate JavaBeans,JSON strings to Java POJO.This tool support intelligent processing of keywords, special class names, naming rule checking and other features.

JSON to C# Class Converter

Online JSON strings generate c# entity classes, and JSON strings generate c# object. It supports intelligent keyword processing, special class names, naming rule checking and other features.

JSON to Golang Struct Converter

Online JSON string generation Golang struct, JSON string generation Golang object, support for intelligent processing of keywords, special class names, naming rules checking and other features.

CSS Selectors Reference

The CSS selector defines the range of elements that CSS rules apply to. This tool provides a reference manual for CSS universal selectors, type selectors, class selectors, id selectors, combination selectors, attribute selectors, pseudo class selectors, and so on. It also shows the CSS Level that this selector was introduced into.

ASCII Code Table

ASCII code table online, query ASCII code 0-255 corresponding characters, including control characters, printable characters and extended characters.

PIP China Source List

Python PIP source list in China and usage introduction.

Docker Image Registry in China

Docker's list of image registry in China lists the image registry available in China that can be downloaded quickly, as well as an introduction to the use of the image registry.

Kubernetes China Source List

Kubernetes (k8s) China image source list. Install kubeadm, kubectl and kubelet using the image source in china. Use the china image source list to download the images required for kubernetes installation.

Text Add Line Number Online

Add line numbers to multi line text online. You can customize the format of adding line numbers, whether they are aligned, and appear at the beginning or end of the line.

Text Filter Online

The online text filtering tool uses raw text, line number or regular expression to filter the lines that conform to the rules in the text, and uses separator or regular expression to extract the columns that conform to the rules in the text.

Find and Replace Text Online

The online text search and replacement tool uses text or regular expression to find the target text, and then replace it with new content. The replacement content supports text and the back reference of regular expressions.

Duplicate Text Remove Online

Online text de duplication tool to remove globally repeated lines or continuous repeated lines. Support custom line split characters, whether to remove the blank space at the beginning and end of the line and other custom parameters.

Free Markdown Editor Online

Free markdown editor online, supports CommonMark and GFM specifications, and supports real-time preview. Support the export of Markdown, HTML and PDF files.

Free SQL Test Online

Online free SQL testing tools, support SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server database. You can use SQL scripts to create tables, insert data, and select data.

Random Hex Generator Online

The online random hex string generation tool supports the generation of hex strings of any length, which can be downloaded as hex text files and binary bin files.

Text Compare Online

Text comparison tool online, compare the differences between the input text on both sides.It can also be used to compare the differences of codes.

SQLite Viewer Online

SQLite viewer online, open or create SQLite database files online, execute SQL scripts, query data, and export SQLite files.

YAML Editor Online

Yaml editor online, which can edit YAML and YML documents online, then copy or download the edited documents.

CSS Beautify and Minify

CSS beautify tools and minify tools online provide one click CSS beautification function and one click CSS minimization compression function.

JS Beautify and Minify

JS beautify tools and minify tools online provide one click JS beautification function and one click JS minimization function.

HTML Beautify and Minify

HTML beautify tools and minify tools online provide one click HTML beautification function and one click HTML minimization function.

MySQL Generate JavaBean Online

MySQL generate JavaBean tool online, input MySQL DDL SQL statements, and generate corresponding java bean entity classes. The Java class name and field name conform to the naming convention.

Text Length Filter Tool Online

Text length filter tool online , filtering the text with the length of each line within the specified range.

Text Extraction Tool Online

Online text extraction tool to extract email, IP address, domain name, number, character and other information from the input text.

JSON Format Parsing and Verification Tool Online

The online JSON format parsing and verification tool supports JSON format validation, JSON data parsing and JSON data compression functions.

Text Reverse Tool Online

The online text reverse tool provides word by word reversing, or line by line reversing.

JSON Viewer Online

JSON viewer online, online JSON data viewing.

JSON Schema Validate Online

Online JSON Schema verification tool, input JSON data and JSON Schema format, and verify whether JSON data conforms to the format defined by Schema.

Random JSON Data Generator Online

Use the format defined by JSON Schema to randomly generate JSON data.

Generate JSON Schema Online

Online JSON data generation JSON Schema tool, input JSON data or open JSON data file, and generate the corresponding JSON Schema from the data. This tool supports JSON Schema Draft-07, Draft-06, and Draft-04 specifications.

Random Data Generator Online

Generate random string data, numerical data, time data, telephone number data and other test data online, generate data randomly based on the string template.

Random Time Generator Online

Online random time generator, which supports online generation of random time, increasing time and decreasing time. You can specify the time format of the generated results, the generated quantity, and whether duplicates are allowed.

XPath Tester Online

Online free XPath testing tool, input XML data or open XML file, and use the filled XPath expression to traverse XML data. This tool supports XML namespaces and downloading query results as files.

Text to ASCII Art Generator Online

Online generation of ASCII Art tool, input English letters and numbers, select fonts, set parameters, and generate corresponding ASCII WordArt.

Python Source Code Compile and Decompile Online

The online python source file compile and decompile tool supports the compilation of python source files to python pyc files, and the decompilation of python pyc files to python source files.

Reduce Lines of Text to One Line Online

A tool for connecting multiple lines of text online into one line, which can specify parameters such as join delimiters, whether to remove leading and trailing blanks, and whether to retain blank lines. Processing results can be downloaded locally.

Random Email Address Generator

The online random email address generation tool, randomly generate email address, support custom generation parameters, support download email address results to the local computer.

Error Random Number Generator Online

Online error random number generator, specify random number range, error range, randomly generate random numbers with errors.

Random Phone Number Generator Online

Online random phone number generator, using template syntax to randomly generate phone numbers. This tool supports generating mobile phone numbers in any format.

Text Shuffling Order Tool Online

Online text shuffle order tool, support word by word or line by line to shuffle the input text, the shuffling mode can be set to shuffle all characters or only text (do not shuffle punctuation, etc), processing results support download to the local.

Flower English Converter Online

The online flower english letter conversion tool converts English alphabet and numbers in the input text into fancy letters and numbers. The conversion result supports one key copy.

Regular Expression Visualization Online

Online regular expression visualization tool, generating visual structure diagrams of JavaScript regular expressions or JavaScript like regular expressions. The generated visual structure diagrams are intuitive and easy to understand, assisting in regular expression learning.

Convert Text&Image to XBM Online

Convert text&image to xbm tool online, supporting the generation of black and white dot matrices for text and images, and downloading the generated black and white dot matrices as XBM files or image files.

XBM Editor Online

Online XBM editor, edit XBM files online, edit dot matrix data online, and the edited xbm files can be downloaded locally.

Lorem Ipsum Generator Online

Lorem Ipsum Generator Online, randomly generating simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English random lorem ipsum text. Generation supports setting parameters such as number of paragraphs, number of sentences, and number of words within a sentence. The generated random lorem ipsum text results support copying and downloading.

Character Frequency Statistics Online

Online character frequency statistics tool, which calculates the frequency of individual letters and words in text. Frequency statistics support English and Chinese characters.

Add Spaces between Chinese and English Character Online

Automatically add a space tool between Chinese and English characters online, automatically adding spaces between Chinese and English characters in the input text.

Text Vertical Tools Online

Online text vertical display tool, which converts input text into vertical display. Vertical text supports copying and downloading.

Convert JSON to Excel Online

Online JSON to Excel tool, input or open JSON data, convert it into Excel or CSV files, and the converted Excel and CSV files can be downloaded locally.

Convert Excel to JSON Online

Online Excel to JSON tool, open an Excel or CSV file, convert it to JSON format data, and the converted JSON data supports copying and downloading.

Unicode Encoding Character View Online

View Unicode encoding characters online, enter the Unicode Code Point range, and view the characters corresponding to the Unicode Code Point range.

Text Character Set Encoding Query

Online text character set encoding query, input text data, and view the encoding of text in different character sets. Enter the text encoding to view the decoded text from different character sets.

Chinese Character Unicode Code Point Range

Online Chinese character Unicode code point range query tool, query the Unicode code point range of Chinese characters, and view all Chinese characters within the code point range.

Handwritten Text Generate Online

Online handwritten text generation, input text, generate handwritten text, support multiple different fonts, spacing, color settings, and other parameters. Handwritten text results can be downloaded locally.

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Copybook Generator Online

Online copybook generator, generating various copybooks online, such as tracing copybooks, stroke order copybooks, blank copybooks, pinyin copybooks, etc. The styles of copybooks support various styles such as Tian, Mi, X, Hui, etc. The generated script supports downloading and printing.

Random Test Data Generator Online

Online random test data generation tool, input string templates, use fakerjs and custom functions to generate random data. The randomly generated data supports multiple formats such as string, JSON, CSV, and the generated results can be downloaded locally.

Random Chinese License Plate Number Generator Online

Online random chinese license plate number generator, supporting the random generation of various types of license plate numbers for ordinary cars, new energy vehicles, trailers, training cars, police cars, etc. It also supports the generation of custom license plate numbers through templates. The generated license plate number supports copying and downloading.

JavaScript Object to JSON Online

Online JavaScript object to JSON tool, supporting the conversion of JavaScript objects and JSON data, and the converted results can be downloaded locally.

Random File Generator Online

Online random file generator, supporting the generation of random files using any byte or specified byte range. Support functions such as setting file size, setting file extension, and batch generation of files.

Hide Text Online

An online text hiding tool that hides the ciphertext you want to encrypt within a piece of plaintext, making the ciphertext invisible. This tool supports password protection of ciphertext and decryption of encrypted plaintext.

Random Bank Card Number Generator Online

Online random bank card number generation, supporting customized multiple rules for batch generation of bank card numbers, and the generated bank card numbers can be downloaded locally.

Full and Half Width Characters Converter Online

Online full width and half width conversion tool, which converts punctuation, English letters, numbers, and other characters in input text to each other in full width and half width. The converted results support copying and downloading.