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Python regular expression test online

Description: python regular expression online test is implemented based on the  re  module of python version 3.6 .
Python regular expression test online-summary

Python regular expression test online tool provides online matching and replacement of python regular expressions. This tool supports python regular expression matching, python regular expression splitting strings, and python regular expression replacing strings.

Python regular expression test online-instructions

python regular expressions test tool online (python language regular expressions, python3 regular expressions) provides regular expression online matching, replacement and splitting testing functions based on python regular expression syntax. You can use this tool to quickly verify that regular expressions work as expected.

  1. Enter the string to match in the input content.
  2. Enter a valid python regular expression in the regular expression,eg \d+ to match number.
  3. In the Method, select whether to perform regular expression matching or regular expression replacement or regular expression split.When performing replacement, if you do not enter replacement text, it will be replaced with empty.
  4. The matching at x in the matching result shows the matching times of the regular expression in the string, and each matching is highlighted in the text box.
  5. You can click the Control Parameters button to set control parameters to control the matching behavior of regular expressions. The control parameters will be stored and remain valid the next time you visit.