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JavaScript regular expression test

JavaScript regular expression syntax reference Documentation
JavaScript regular expression test-summary

JavaScript regular expression (JS regular expression) online test, providing JavaScript regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, global mode, multiline mode, etc.

JavaScript regular expression test-instructions

JavaScript regular expression online test provides JavaScript regular expression online matching and replacement functions.

  1. Enter the original string to match in the text content.
  2. Enter a valid JavaScript regular expression in the regular expression, such as \d+ to match number.
  3. Select whether to perform regular expression matching or regular expression replacement in the method.
  4. The matching at x in the matching result shows the matching times of the regular expression in the string, and each matching is highlighted in the text box. By default, only one matching or replacement is performed. If global matching or replacement is required, specify the global parameter in the control parameter.
  5. You can click the control parameter button to set control parameters to control the matching behavior of regular expressions. The control parameters will be stored and remain valid the next time you visit.
  6. Control parameter details:
    global:gPerform global lookup
    ignoreCase:iIgnore case
    multiline:mMultiline mode
    dotAll:sAllow. Match line
    unicode:uTreat patterns as Unicode points
    sticky:yMatches from the current position of the target string