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Docker Image Registry in China

Docker China Image Registry List

Name Address Note
NetEase http://hub-mirror.c.163.com
DaoCloud https://f1361db2.m.daocloud.io HTTPS
DaoCloud http://f1361db2.m.daocloud.io HTTP
Alibaba Cloud https://xxx.mirror.aliyuncs.com xxx is the user flag. You need to log in to Alibaba Cloud to create their own image registry mirror.
University of Science and Technology of China https://docker.mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/

The usage of docker registry in China is as follows (take NetEase registry as an example):

Linux configuration:

1. Install docker client.

2. Configure the image registry address.
Open or Create /etc/docker/daemon.json file ,Add the following configurations:

  "registry-mirrors" : [
  "insecure-registries" : [

Where registry-mirrors is the HTTPS image registry address and insecure-registries is the HTTP image registry address.

3. Restart the docker client.

Windows or Mac configuration:

1. Install Docker Desktop client.

2. Click Dashboard -> Settings -> Docker Engine, Fill in the above image registry configuration in the interface that appears. Pay attention to keeping the JSON format of the configuration file correct.

3. Restart the docker service.

Docker Image Registry in China-summary

Docker's list of image registry in China lists the image registry available in China that can be downloaded quickly, as well as an introduction to the use of the image registry.