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Morse Code Convert Online

Morse Code Convert Online supports encoding text (including Chinese) into Morse code and decoding Morse code into ordinary text. Text supports all unicdoe characters.

Stopwatch Online

Online stopwatch timer supports online stopwatch timing, millisecond time, pause, mark and download functions.

Random Number Generator Online

The online random number generator supports the generation of random integer values and random floating-point values. When unique is specified, all generated random numbers are not repeated.

Countdown Timer Online

Countdown timer online supports online countdown. After the countdown, you can set the sound of playing alarm.

Decimal Degrees and Degrees Minutes Seconds Converter Online

The decimal degrees and degrees minutes seconds converter tool permits the user to convert latitude and longitude between decimal degrees and degrees, minutes, and seconds. Conversion supports single conversion and batch conversion.

Java Regular Expression Test

Java regular expression online testing provides Java regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, multiline mode, etc.

JavaScript Regular Expression Test

JavaScript regular expression (JS regular expression) online test, providing JavaScript regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, global mode, multiline mode, etc.

Zodiac Month Table

Zodiac month table provides month query and date query of zodiac.

HTML to JS Converter Online

HTML to JS converter online, providing the function of HTML source code to JS variable. It can be converted based on template string or ordinary string concatenating.

Currency Converter

The Currency Converter tool adopts the latest exchange rate to calculate the exchange rate of RMB into U.S. dollars, euros, Japanese yen and other currencies.

Text Length Filter Tool Online

Text length filter tool online , filtering the text with the length of each line within the specified range.

CSS Length Unit Converter

CSS length unit convert tool online that supports the conversion of values between CSS units such as px, pt, pc, in, mm, cm, Q, em, rem, vw, vh and other units.

Latest Online

Lottery Draw Turntable Online

Online lottery draw turntable tool, supporting setting lottery options, option weights, then random select lottery option. The lottery results can be downloaded locally.

Handwritten Signature Online

Online electronic signature tool, supporting the generation of handwritten electronic signatures, supporting personalized settings such as font color and line thickness control through custom parameters. Handwritten signatures can be downloaded as images in png, jpeg, and svg formats.

Sudoku Generator Online

Online Sudoku generator, generates Sudoku tables online, supports selecting multiple difficulty modes, and can complete Sudoku games online or print locally.

True Code/One's Complement/Two's Complement Calculator Online

Online true code, One's Complement code, and Two's Complement calculator, supporting the calculation of 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit, and any bits of integer number's true code, One's Complement code, and Two's Complement.

Flip Clock Online

Online flip clock, displaying the digital clock for flipping. Support parameter settings such as background color, full screen, and timing mode.

Online XML and JSON Converter

Online XML and JSON mutual conversion tool, supporting the conversion of XML data and JSON data, and downloading the converted results locally.

China Workday Calculator

The online workday calculator calculates the working day and rest day dates according to the chinese national legal holiday arrangements.

Stock Version Time Calculator

The stock version time calculator calculates special time series related to stocks.

Text Shuffling Order Tool Online

Online text shuffle order tool, support word by word or line by line to shuffle the input text, the shuffling mode can be set to shuffle all characters or only text (do not shuffle punctuation, etc), processing results support download to the local.

Chinese Lunar Time Converter Online

The online chinese time conversion tool converts twelve units and ninety-six quarters into corresponding times, and converts time into corresponding units and quarters.

TeX/LaTeX Mathematical Formula to Image Online

The online TeX/LaTeX mathematical formula to image tool, enter TeX/LaTeX mathematical formula, convert the formula to SVG image, and support downloading the generated mathematical formula image to the local computer.

Vigenère Cipher Encode and Decode Online

Online vigenère cipher encryption and decryption tool, supporting vigenère cipher encryption for text and decryption of vigenère ciphertext. The characters that support encryption include English lowercase letters, English uppercase letters, and Chinese characters.