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Random Number Generator Online

The online random number generator supports the generation of random integer values and random floating-point values. When unique is specified, all generated random numbers are not repeated.

Stopwatch Online

Online stopwatch timer supports online stopwatch timing, millisecond time, pause, mark and download functions.

Unit Converter Online

Unit converter online supports the conversion of multiple units such as length, weight, area, volume data.

Morse Code Convert Online

Morse Code Convert Online supports encoding text (including Chinese) into Morse code and decoding Morse code into ordinary text. Text supports all unicdoe characters.

Shelf Life Calculator Online

Shelf-life calculator online, input the production date, shelf-life duration, calculate the expiration time of the shelf-life of commodities, food, drugs and other items, and whether it expires.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator Online

The online body fat percentage calculator uses BMI or parameters such as weight, waist circumference, and height to estimate body fat percentage, and provides a classification reference for body fat percentage.

Convert Text To Image Online

The online text generation image tool supports the generation of images from single or multiple lines of text, supports the customization of foreground color, background color, text size and other parameters, and supports jpg, jpeg, png, webp and other formats of images.

CSS Color Converter

The online CSS color convert tool supports color conversion between rgb, hex, hsl, hsv, hwb and other formats.

URLEncode Encoding and Decoding

URLEncode encoding and decoding, convert the characters to be transcoded into hexadecimal, then take 4 bits from right to left (less than 4 bits are processed directly), make one bit every 2 bits, add% in front, and encode into% XY format. It is applicable to the encoding of uniform resource identifier (URI). It is also used to prepare data for "application / x-www-form-urlencoded" mime, and then submit HTML form data through HTTP request.

Blood Type Genetics Table

Blood type genetics table, online query the blood types of children corresponding to the parents' blood types.

Exchange Rate Query

The real-time exchange rate query tool supports online query of real-time exchange rates of RMB against US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Ruble, Pound and other currencies.

Random File Generator Online

Online random file generator, supporting the generation of random files using any byte or specified byte range. Support functions such as setting file size, setting file extension, and batch generation of files.

Latest Online

Braille Input Online

Online Braille Input Tool, using letter and number keyboards to input Braille online. The input Braille supports 6-dot Braille and 8-dot Braille.

Private Key Encrypt and Decrypt Online

Online private key encryption and decryption, supporting encryption and decryption of private keys for RSA, DSA, and ECDSA algorithms. The input private key supports PEM and DER formats.

Certificate Format Converter Online

Online certificate format conversion tool, supporting the conversion of certificates in PEM, PKCS12 (PFX), PKCS8, JKS, DER formats. The converted certificate can be downloaded locally.

CSR Certificate Issuance Online

Online CSR certificate issuance tool, based on the uploaded CSR (Certificate Signing Request) request file, issues X.509 certificates. The issued certificates and root certificates support downloading to the local device for use in encrypted communication scenarios such as HTTP.

CSR Viewer and Generator Online

Online CSR(certificate signing request) viewing and generation tool, to view the common name, alternative name, key algorithm, key length, and other information contained in the CSR file online. Generate certificate CSR request files online, supporting the generation of RSA and ECDSA CSR files.

View Certificates Online

Online certificate viewing tool, open the SSL certificate in PEM or DER format, view the certificate's common name, key algorithm, validity time, certificate fingerprint, alternative name, and other information. This tool also supports viewing information about certificate chains.

RSA Signature and Verification Online

Online RSA signature and verification tool, supporting signature generation and verification functions for RSA, DSA, ECDSA and other algorithms.

Modify PDF Metadata Online

Online PDF metadata modification tool, supporting the modification of metadata information such as title, author, topic, time, etc. of PDF files. The modified PDF files can be downloaded locally.

PDF Signature Online

Online PDF signing tool, add handwritten signatures to PDF files online, and the signed PDF files can be downloaded locally.

Password Strength Detection Online

Online password strength testing tool, which checks the strength of the input password online. When the input password strength is weak, it provides suggestions to increase the password strength.

Matrix Calculator

Online matrix calculator, calculating addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, determinant, inverse matrix, transpose matrix, etc. The calculated matrix supports both real and complex matrices.

Chinese Pinyin First Letter Online

Online Chinese Pinyin Initial Abbreviation Tool, obtains the first letter of Chinese Pinyin in input text, supports parameter settings such as polyphonic characters, half width, and full width. The generated pinyin initials support downloading to the local device.