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Morse Code Convert Online

Morse Code Convert Online supports encoding text (including Chinese) into Morse code and decoding Morse code into ordinary text. Text supports all unicdoe characters.

Random Number Generator Online

The online random number generator supports the generation of random integer values and random floating-point values. When unique is specified, all generated random numbers are not repeated.

Stopwatch Online

Online stopwatch timer supports online stopwatch timing, millisecond time, pause, mark and download functions.

BMI Index Calculator

Online free BMI index calculator provides BMI index calculation, introduction of BMI calculation formula and display of BMI normal value range.

Run Code Online

The online code running tool supports online running, editing and compiling of dozens of programming languages such as Java, c#, golang, C, C + +, JS, typescript, PHP and rust.

RSA Encryption and Decryption Online

Online asymmetric RSA encryption and decryption tool supports public key encryption and private key decryption. Private key encryption, public key decryption. It supports the input of public and private keys in PEM and HEX formats. The input data and output results support String, Hex and Base64.

China Portfolio Mortgage Calculator

Online portfolio mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly repayment amount and interest expenditure of provident fund loan and commercial loan portfolio mortgage.

Cron Expression Evaluation

Cron expression calculation, online calculation of the execution plan time of cron (crontab) expression. Cron expression supports Linux style, cron4j style, quartz style and spring style.

Text Filter Online

The online text filtering tool uses raw text, line number or regular expression to filter the lines that conform to the rules in the text, and uses separator or regular expression to extract the columns that conform to the rules in the text.

ASCII Code Table

ASCII code table online, query ASCII code 0-255 corresponding characters, including control characters, printable characters and extended characters.

JSON Viewer Online

JSON viewer online, online JSON data viewing.

Java 14 Documentation

Java 14 document online provides java 14 (Java SDK 14) document online viewing and java 14 API online viewing.

Latest Online

Copybook Generator Online

Online copybook generator, generating various copybooks online, such as tracing copybooks, stroke order copybooks, blank copybooks, pinyin copybooks, etc. The styles of copybooks support various styles such as Tian, Mi, X, Hui, etc. The generated script supports downloading and printing.

Personal Seal Generator Online

Online personal seal generator, supporting the online generation of personal seals with two, three, and four character names. It supports setting different fonts and multiple generation parameters, and the generated personal seals can be downloaded locally.

Color Blindness Test Online

Online color blind color weakness test, using color blind images for online color blind color weakness test, the test results include color blind color weakness level, color blind color weakness type (red green color blind, red blind, green blind).

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Longitudinal Redundancy Check Calculator Online

Online LRC Check (Longitudinal Redundancy Check) calculator calculates the longitudinal redundancy check value (LRC) of input data. The input data supports text, HEX data, and Base64 data, and the check value results are displayed in HEX, decimal, octal, and binary formats.

Seal Generator Online

Online seal generator, supporting the online generation of company seals, institutional seals, and invoice seals. The generated electronic seal supports downloading to the local location.

Handwritten Text Generate Online

Online handwritten text generation, input text, generate handwritten text, support multiple different fonts, spacing, color settings, and other parameters. Handwritten text results can be downloaded locally.

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Surface Area Calculator Online

Online surface area calculator, supporting the calculation of surface areas for dozens of geometric shapes such as rectangles, cubes, cylinders, cones, and triangular cones, and displaying corresponding surface area calculation formulas.

Chinese Character Unicode Code Point Range

Online Chinese character Unicode code point range query tool, query the Unicode code point range of Chinese characters, and view all Chinese characters within the code point range.

Loan Prepayment Calculator

Online prepayment calculator, which calculates the saved interest or reduced loan time for loans with equal principal or interest after prepayment, as well as detailed comparison information before and after prepayment.

Rotate Clock Online

Rotate clock online, display the rotating digital clock online, and support full screen display.

Schulte Table Attention Test Online

Online Schulte table attention test, generate a table with 25 small squares, shuffle the numbers from 1 to 25, and fill them in the table for attention testing or training. The generated Schulte table supports downloading to the local location.

Generate Character Relationship Graph Online

Online generation of character relationship graph tool, input a list of character names and relationships between characters, and dynamically generate a network structure diagram of character relationships. This tool supports the use of random character avatars or uploading custom avatars, and the generated relationship diagrams can be downloaded locally.