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Random Number Generator Online

The online random number generator supports the generation of random integer values and random floating-point values. When unique is specified, all generated random numbers are not repeated.

Seal Generator Online

Online seal generator, supporting the online generation of company seals, institutional seals, and invoice seals. The generated electronic seal supports downloading to the local location.

Countdown Timer Online

Countdown timer online supports online countdown. After the countdown, you can set the sound of playing alarm.

BMI Index Calculator

Online free BMI index calculator provides BMI index calculation, introduction of BMI calculation formula and display of BMI normal value range.

Square Root and Power Calculator Online

Online exponent and square root calculator, supporting the calculation of any number of square root and the calculation of exponent results with any base. The square root calculation will display all results, including complex numbers.

DES Encryption and Decryption

Des symmetric encryption is a more traditional encryption method. Its encryption and decryption operations use the same key. When transmitting and processing information, the sender and receiver of information must jointly hold the password (called symmetric password). It is a symmetric encryption algorithm.


The websocket online test tool can be used as a websocket client to connect to the websocket server of the intranet or public network, and supports receiving and sending text messages in real time. Websocket is a new protocol under HTML5. It realizes the full duplex communication between browser and server, which can better save server resources and bandwidth, and achieve the purpose of real-time communication. Like HTTP, it transmits data through the established TCP connection, but its biggest difference from HTTP is that websocket is a two-way communication protocol. After the connection is established, the websocket server and client can actively send or receive data to each other, just like socket; Like TCP, websocket needs to establish a connection first. Only after the connection is successful can they communicate with each other.

Coordinate Projection Calculator Online

Online coordinate projection calculation tool, supporting mutual conversion between longitude and latitude coordinates and projection plane coordinates. Projection supports multiple calculation methods such as Mercator, Transverse Mercator, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Web Mercator, and more.

DNS Lookup Online

The DNS record query tool provides DNS A-type, CNAME type, MX type and TXT type record query functions. Domain name system (English: domain name system, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet. As a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, it can make it easier for people to access the Internet. DNS uses TCP and UDP ports 53. At present, the length limit for each level of domain name is 63 characters, and the total length of domain name cannot exceed 253 characters.

Image Crop Online

The online image cropping tool supports the image cropping of 3*3 or user-defined rows and columns, and supports downloading the cropped images to the local.

Random Hex Generator Online

The online random hex string generation tool supports the generation of hex strings of any length, which can be downloaded as hex text files and binary bin files.

Text Vertical Tools Online

Online text vertical display tool, which converts input text into vertical display. Vertical text supports copying and downloading.

Latest Online

Batch Image Rotate Online

Online batch image rotation tool, supporting batch rotation of images in jpeg, jpg, webp, png, and svg formats. Supports arbitrary rotation angle settings, and the rotated images can be downloaded locally.

Random Name Generator Online

Online random name generator, generating random names online, supporting dozens of languages such as Chinese, English, French, Japanese, etc. It supports setting gender, number of generated names, surname, first name, and other parameters.

Data Process Online

Online data processing tool that supports opening text files and Excel spreadsheets, using custom JavaScript to process data, and downloading processing results as text files and Excel spreadsheets.

Image Viewer Online

Online image viewer, view images in JPEG, JPG, PNG, webP, SVG, GIF and BMP formats, supporting image viewing operations such as scaling, rotation, and mirroring.

Solid Color Background Images Maker Online

Online solid color background image production tool, supporting online production of solid color background images and gradient background images. The background image supports saving as images in SVG, PNG, JPEG, and WebP formats.


Online SVG image to PNG, JPEG, WEBP tools, supporting the conversion of SVG images to formats such as PNG, JPEG, WEBP, etc. Supports setting parameters such as size and image quality, and supports batch conversion.

File Split Online

Online file splitting tool, which splits files of any size in the form of binary data. It supports specifying the number or size of split files, and the split files can be downloaded locally.

Merge File Online

Online file merging, supports merging text files and binary files. Merge without restrictions on the number and size of files.

Batch File Rename Online

Online batch file renaming tool, supporting opening files of any size and quantity, using various rules such as replacement, numbering, capitalization, regular replacement, etc. to batch rename files. The renamed file supports both bundled and individual downloads.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator Online

The online basal metabolic rate calculator (BMR calculator) uses multiple formulas to calculate the body's basal metabolic rate based on parameters such as height, weight, and age, and supports evaluating the daily calorie consumption of the body under different exercise states.

24 Points Calculator Online

Online 24 point calculator tool, which calculates whether a set of numbers can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided to obtain 24 points. This tool also supports randomly generating 24 point calculation questions.

Braille Input Online

Online Braille Input Tool, using letter and number keyboards to input Braille online. The input Braille supports 6-dot Braille and 8-dot Braille.