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Random Number Generator Online

The online random number generator supports the generation of random integer values and random floating-point values. When unique is specified, all generated random numbers are not repeated.

Stopwatch Online

Online stopwatch timer supports online stopwatch timing, millisecond time, pause, mark and download functions.

Morse Code Convert Online

Morse Code Convert Online supports encoding text (including Chinese) into Morse code and decoding Morse code into ordinary text. Text supports all unicdoe characters.

Unit Converter Online

Unit converter online supports the conversion of multiple units such as length, weight, area, volume data.

Chinese Allegorical Sayings

Chinese allegorical sayings full list, chinese allegorical sayings query online.This tool contains more than 14000 allegorical sayings.

Variance and Standard Deviation Calculator Online

The online variance and standard deviation calculator calculates the sample standard deviation, sample variance, population standard deviation and population variance of the input values.

SSL Certificate Generator

Online free SSL certificate generator, online generation of SSL domain name certificate and IP certificate for learning and testing. You can use the generated certificate to publish HTTPS sites.

Make Basic Bar Chart Online

Make bar charts online for free. Make bar chart online, support filling in data online or uploading excel files, and support exporting the generated bar chart to JPG, PNG and PDF files.

JavaScript Regular Expression Test

JavaScript regular expression (JS regular expression) online test, providing JavaScript regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, global mode, multiline mode, etc.

Generate Character Relationship Graph Online

Online generation of character relationship graph tool, input a list of character names and relationships between characters, and dynamically generate a network structure diagram of character relationships. This tool supports the use of random character avatars or uploading custom avatars, and the generated relationship diagrams can be downloaded locally.

Free Markdown Editor Online

Free markdown editor online, supports CommonMark and GFM specifications, and supports real-time preview. Support the export of Markdown, HTML and PDF files.

Java 8 Documentation

Java 8 document online provides java 8 (Java SDK 1.8) document online viewing and java 8 API online viewing.

Latest Online

Barcode Sacnner Online

Online barcode scanning tool, supporting batch scanning of barcodes in EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, ITF and other code systems. The scanning results can be downloaded locally.

Emoji Encyclopedia Online

Online Emoji Encyclopedia, which lists emojis by category and supports one click copying.

Random Bank Card Number Generator Online

Online random bank card number generation, supporting customized multiple rules for batch generation of bank card numbers, and the generated bank card numbers can be downloaded locally.

Image Hidden Text

Online image hiding text tool, which hides input text in the image and supports password protection for hidden text.

Datetime Format Converter

Online date time format conversion tool that converts date time into various formats such as ISO, RFC, Unix timestamp, UTC, Excel time, etc. Supports single time conversion and batch time conversion.

Percentage Calculator Online

Online percentage calculation, supports various forms of percentage calculation, and the calculation results can be copied with one click.

Chmod Permission Generator Online

Online linux chmod permission generator, using a visual ui interface to generate read, write, and execute permissions for owners, groups, and other users, supporting the setting of SUID, SGID, and Sticky special permissions.

Hide Text Online

An online text hiding tool that hides the ciphertext you want to encrypt within a piece of plaintext, making the ciphertext invisible. This tool supports password protection of ciphertext and decryption of encrypted plaintext.

PDF Encryption Online

Online PDF encryption tool, supporting password protection for PDF files, selecting different encryption algorithms, and setting different PDF protection restrictions.

PDF Decryption Online

Online PDF decryption tool to remove PDF passwords and PDF document restrictions online.

Add Watermark to PDF Online

Online PDF watermarking tool that supports adding text and image watermarks to PDFs. Support setting parameters such as font, text size, color, and rotation angle for text watermarks, as well as scaling, rotation angle, transparency, and other parameters for image watermarks.

Compress PDF Online

Online PDF compression tool that compresses the size of PDF files, supports setting different compression levels, and supports downloading compressed PDF files locally.