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UUID online generator-summary

UUID online generator, guid online generator tool (GUID is a term for UUID by Microsoft). Support the generation of UUIDs for version 1 and version 4 algorithms. Version4 UUID is generally used.

UUID online generator-instructions

UUID online generator supports generation of version 1 and version 4 UUIDs and downloading to files.

  1. UUID is a concept proposed by the international organization for Standardization (ISO). UUID is a 128 bit value, which can be calculated by a certain algorithm. UUID is used to identify the attribute type and is regarded as a unique identifier in all space and time. Generally speaking, this value can be guaranteed to be truly unique, That is, any UUID generated anywhere will not have the same value.
  2. UUID Version1: time-based UUID, which is obtained by calculating the current timestamp, random number and machine MAC address.
  3. UUID version4: random UUID, which generates UUID according to random number or pseudo-random number.
  4. The UUID generated by this tool will not be repeated.