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Random Time Generator Online

Random Time Generator Online-summary

Online random time generator, which supports online generation of random time, increasing time and decreasing time. You can specify the time format of the generated results, the generated quantity, and whether duplicates are allowed.

Random Time Generator Online-instructions

In the case of specifying the generation of a Unique random time value, if the selected time range is small or the formatted time value is less than enough, it may lead to the failure to generate a sufficient number of unique random time values, Or it takes a long time to generate random time.
At this time, it is recommended to adjust the following parameters: 1. Increase the time range 2. Adjust the format string 3. Do not require uniqueness.

  1. Format : Specify the format of the generated random time result. See the following table for formatting field.
  2. Count :The number of random times generated.
  3. Unique : Whether the generated time data needs to be unique after being formatted in time format.
  4. Start Time : Specify the minimum time to generate random time, which can be empty. The minimum allowed values are:1970-01-01 00:00:00.000. If no start time is specified, the minimum time is used as the start time by default. The format of the start time isYYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ssorYYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS.
  5. End Time : Specifies the maximum time (excluding) for generating random time.The maximum allowed values are:9999-12-31 23:59:59.999. If no end time is specified, the maximum time is used as the end time by default. The format of the end time isYYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ssorYYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS.
  6. Type : Random - Randomly generate all time results. Asc - Generate time data incrementally from the start time at the specified interval. Desc - Generate time data decremented from the end time at the specified interval.
  7. Interval : Incremental or decrement time interval. The interval supports fixed intervals and random range intervals. Fixed interval requires filling in an integer number greater than 0. The format for filling in random range intervals is the minimum,maximum values. The minimum and maximum values are integer numbers greater than 0. The minimum value can be obtained, the maximum value cannot be obtained.
  8. Interval Unit : Specify the unit of the time interval, combined with the format string of the time result, and select the interval unit reasonably.
  9. Time Format Field
    Field Example Description
    YY 01 Two-digit year
    YYYY 2001 Four-digit year
    M 1-12 Month, beginning at 1
    MM 01-12 Month, 2-digits
    MMM Jan-Dec The abbreviated month name
    MMMM January-December The full month name
    D 1-31 Day of month
    DD 01-31 Day of month, 2-digits
    d 0-6 The day of the week, with Sunday as 0
    dd Su-Sa The min name of the day of the week
    ddd Sun-Sat The short name of the day of the week
    dddd Sunday-Saturday The name of the day of the week
    H 0-23 Hours
    HH 00-23 Hours, 2-digits
    h 1-12 Hours, 12-hour clock
    hh 01-12 Hours, 12-hour clock, 2-digits
    m 0-59 Minutes
    mm 00-59 Minutes, 2-digits
    s 0-59 Seconds
    ss 00-59 Seconds, 2-digits
    SSS 000-999 Milliseconds, 3-digits
    Z -05:00 The offset from UTC, ±HH:mm
    ZZ -0500 The offset from UTC, ±HHmm
    A AM PM Post or ante meridiem, upper-case
    a am pm Post or ante meridiem, lower-case
    Q 1-4 Quarter
    Do 1st... 31st Day of Month with ordinal
    k 1-24 The hour, beginning at 1
    kk 01-24 The hour, 2-digits, beginning at 1
    X 1360013296 Unix Timestamp in second
    x 1360013296123 Unix Timestamp in millisecond