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String hex converter

String hex converter-summary

String hex conversion (hex to string, string to hex) converts the string into a byte array using the selected character set. Each byte in the byte array is encoded into two hexadecimal characters to obtain the hex string result.

String hex converter-instructions

Hex to string, string to hex, convert to each other using the specified character set.

  1. UTF-8 character set is compatible with ASCII character set.
  2. The input text content supports a maximum of 5000 characters. When hex to string is executed, spaces in the input text will be automatically removed,and there is no need to enter the prefix 0x character. String to hex will retain spaces in the input text.
  3. The string is converted to hex, and the conversion result is hexadecimal uppercase string. If it needs to be converted to lowercase, please copy the result and use it in Toggle string casetool