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Linux Command Documentation

Linux command document query, you can query the man documents of all common linux commands. You can also query some built-in bash command / function documents.

Layui Documentation

View of layui documents, provide layui library download, layui online documents, layui online examples, view of layer documents and examples, view of laydate documents and examples

Java 8 Documentation

Java 8 document online provides java 8 (Java SDK 1.8) document online viewing and java 8 API online viewing.

Java 11 Documentation

Java 11 document online provides java 11 (Java SDK 11) document online viewing and java 11 API online viewing.

Java 14 Documentation

Java 14 document online provides java 14 (Java SDK 14) document online viewing and java 14 API online viewing.

Python 3 Documentation

Python 3 document online provides Python 3 document online viewing and Python 3 API online viewing.

Image Compression Online

The Image Compression Online tool supports online compression of common image formats such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP,WBMP, etc. You can set the file size of the compressed picture and the pixel size of the compressed picture through parameter settings, and you can export the compressed picture for free.

QR Code Scanner Online

QR Code Scanner Online (QR code decoder) support online scanning of QR code pictures, opening QR code https address or taking photos with camera to obtain QR code and decode the information contained in QR code.

QR Code Generator

QR code generator online, which supports online generation of QR code of text and URL. Support embedding custom logo or embedding custom text below QR code.

Barcode Generator Online

Barcode Generator Online, which supports online barcode generation. This tool supports the generation of bar codes in CODE128, EAN13, CODE39, ITF, MSI and other formats

Exchange Rate Query

The real-time exchange rate query tool supports online query of real-time exchange rates of RMB against US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Ruble, Pound and other currencies.

Currency Converter

The Currency Converter tool adopts the latest exchange rate to calculate the exchange rate of RMB into U.S. dollars, euros, Japanese yen and other currencies.

ID Number Query

ID Number Query tool, input ID number, query the corresponding place of certification, gender, date of birth and other information.

Cron Expression Evaluation

Cron expression calculation, online calculation of the execution plan time of cron (crontab) expression. Cron expression supports Linux style, cron4j style, quartz style and spring style.

Image Crop

Online free image crop, you can select and crop part of the image online and download it as a new image. Cropping supports rectangular cropping and circular cropping, and supports custom selection area size.

Random ID Number Generation

Online random ID number generation tool, which supports online batch production of random ID number. The generated information includes provinces, cities, districts and counties, date of birth, gender and age.

Date Calculator

Date calculator is used to calculate the number of days, months and years between two dates online. It also supports subtracting or adding specific days, months and years to a date to get a new date.

Countdown Timer Online

Countdown timer online supports online countdown. After the countdown, you can set the sound of playing alarm.

Stopwatch Online

Online stopwatch timer supports online stopwatch timing, millisecond time, pause, mark and download functions.

BMI Index Calculator

Online free BMI index calculator provides BMI index calculation, introduction of BMI calculation formula and display of BMI normal value range.

Safe Days Calculator

Safe Days Calculator online is a free physiological period calculation tool, which can calculate the safe period, ovulation period and menstrual period date online according to the selected menstrual time.

Age Calculator

The age calculator calculates the age online according to the selected birthday.

Zodiac Month Table

Zodiac month table provides month query and date query of zodiac.

Chinese Relationship Calculator

Calculate online how to call Chinese relatives and how relatives call me. It also supports calculating the corresponding person relationship through relative.

Chinese Commercial Mortgage Calculator

The commercial loan mortgage calculator supports the calculation of the monthly repayment amount and total interest of the mortgage according to the loan amount or house price. The calculation method of housing loan supports the equality corpus and interest and the equality corpus.

Provident Fund Loan Calculator

Provident fund mortgage calculator, online calculation of provident fund housing loan monthly repayment amount, total interest, etc. Two calculation methods of equal principal and equal principal and interest are supported.

China Portfolio Mortgage Calculator

Online portfolio mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly repayment amount and interest expenditure of provident fund loan and commercial loan portfolio mortgage.

Chinese License Plate Number Query

This tool provides license plate number ownership query and license plate information query of all provinces and cities in China.

China Mobile Phone Number Address Query

The online mobile phone number address query tool is used to query the address information, isp information and number segment information of the mobile phone number.

Lunar and Solar Calendar Converter

The lunar and solar calendar conversion tool provides online Chinese lunar calendar to solar calendar, and solar to Chinese lunar calendar functions.

Blood Type Genetics Table

Blood type genetics table, online query the blood types of children corresponding to the parents' blood types.

Chinese Idioms Full List Online

The online chinese idiom full list supports idiom query, idiom explanation and idiom example viewing. You can fuzzy query idioms according to the words or phonetic abbreviations. This tool contains tens of thousands of chinese idioms and provides online query function of idiom dictionary.

Chinese Idiom Solitaire

Chinese Idiom Solitaire Online, a complete collection of idioms solitaire. The idiom database covers tens of thousands of idioms.

Chinese Allegorical Sayings

Chinese allegorical sayings full list, chinese allegorical sayings query online.This tool contains more than 14000 allegorical sayings.

Alarm Clock Online

Set the alarm clock online and set the alarm time. When the time arrives, the alarm will ring.

Countries/Regions of the World

Information query of national names, capitals, flags and currencies of countries all over the world.

Garbage Classification Query

Garbage classification in China query, query the classification of garbage and introduce garbage classification knowledge.

Shelf Life Calculator Online

Shelf-life calculator online, input the production date, shelf-life duration, calculate the expiration time of the shelf-life of commodities, food, drugs and other items, and whether it expires.

Intelligent Image Matting Online

The online intelligent image matting tool supports online one click matting of portraits or main objects in the picture, and supports setting the background of objects.

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Old Photo Repair Online

The online old photo repair tool uploads old photos, and performs multiple repairs and optimizations on image quality based on depth learning, including defogging, denoising, black and white coloring, super resolution lossless amplification, etc. Returns clear images after color enhancement and photo blur removal.

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Chinese Character Splitting Online

The Chinese character splitting tool online, which splits Chinese characters from left to right or from top to bottom.

Image Quality Enhancement Online

The online image quality enhancement tool, based on the image quality analysis technology and AI reconstruction technology, enhances the low quality blurred images in a one-stop way, greatly improves the portrait quality and overall picture definition, intelligently and quickly denoises the blurred images, optimizes the image texture details, makes the images more natural and clear, and improves the user experience.

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Express Query Online

Online express query tools include Shunfeng Express, JD Express,China Postal Express, Shentong Express, Yuantong Express, Yunda Express, Tiantian Express, Zhongtong Express, DHL Express, UPS Express, Fedex, etc.

Make Favicon Online

Make favicon tools online, support uploading images in jpg, jpeg, png, webp and other formats, and create favicon icons for websites.

Image Color Picker Online

The image color picker online, extracts color values at any position of the image.

Image Crop Online

The online image cropping tool supports the image cropping of 3*3 or user-defined rows and columns, and supports downloading the cropped images to the local.

Bra Size Chart

bra size chart, bra size table, bra size query, bra size calculate

Add Watermark to Image Online

The online image watermarking tool supports adding text watermarks and image watermarks to images.

Convert Text To Image Online

The online text generation image tool supports the generation of images from single or multiple lines of text, supports the customization of foreground color, background color, text size and other parameters, and supports jpg, jpeg, png, webp and other formats of images.

Image Rotate Online

The online image rotation tool supports clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of images, and supports jpg, jpeg, png, webp, bmp and other formats of images.

Image Mirror Flip Online

Online image flipping tool, which supports flipping images from left to right, up and down.

China's Holiday Schedule

Online China holiday arrangement query, query the holiday arrangement plan and compensatory leave plan of each festival over the years.

Round Corner Image Generate Online

The online round corner image generation tool uploads local images, sets the radius size, and generates round corner images.

Special Symbol List Online

The online collection of special symbols provides various special symbols, including mathematical symbols, numerical symbols, superscript and subscript, punctuation symbols, arrow symbols, Greek letters, graphic symbols, etc. All symbols support one-click copy.

Chinese Character Stroke Order Query

Online Chinese character stroke order query, support the query of Chinese character or sentence stroke order, support the online test of stroke order.

Chinese Surnames with Pinyin

The full text of online hundred surnames, the online hundred surnames ranking table, and the full text of online hundred surnames with pinyin.

English Date Format Online

The online English date formatting tool supports American English and British English date formatting.

Fuel Consumption Calculator Online

The online fuel consumption calculator provides functions such as fuel consumption calculation per hundred kilometers, fuel consumption calculation per unit mileage, and cost calculation per unit mileage.

Rice Cooker Appointment Time Calculator

The online rice cooker reservation time calculator calculates the reservation waiting time according to the meal time and cooking time, or calculates the meal time according to the waiting time and cooking time.

Celebrity Quotes

celebrity quotes online

Anti-Motivational Quote

Randomly display anti-motivational sentences online

Emoticons Collection Online

Online emoticons collection, displaying cute and interesting text expression emoji, supporting one-click copying.

Leap Year Calculator

A leap year calculator that calculates whether a certain year is a normal year or a leap year online, and can also calculate all leap years within a certain time range. This tool supports leap year calculations in BC.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator Online

The online body fat percentage calculator uses BMI or parameters such as weight, waist circumference, and height to estimate body fat percentage, and provides a classification reference for body fat percentage.

Chinese Zodiac Query Online

Online Chinese zodiac age query tool, which can query Chinese zodiac signs based on age,query age base on chinese zodiac, and year-zodiac reference table.

Height Weight Chart Calculator

The online height and weight calculator calculates the corresponding healthy weight range, lean weight range, and obese weight range based on the entered height.

World Time Query

Online world time query, query the world time corresponding to the selected time, and query the time zone information around the world.

Clock Online

Online clock, analog clock display of current time, support for custom background color, and full screen display.

Count Down the Days Online

Online countdown days, counting the countdown day to a specific date, this tool can generate a countdown day QR code, which can be saved locally or shared with others.

Chinese Lunar Time Converter Online

The online chinese time conversion tool converts twelve units and ninety-six quarters into corresponding times, and converts time into corresponding units and quarters.

Stock Version Time Calculator

The stock version time calculator calculates special time series related to stocks.

China Workday Calculator

The online workday calculator calculates the working day and rest day dates according to the chinese national legal holiday arrangements.

Flip Clock Online

Online flip clock, displaying the digital clock for flipping. Support parameter settings such as background color, full screen, and timing mode.