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JSON to C# Class Converter

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JSON to C# Class Converter-summary

Online JSON strings generate c# entity classes, and JSON strings generate c# object. It supports intelligent keyword processing, special class names, naming rule checking and other features.

JSON to C# Class Converter-instructions
  1. Open File : Open JSON data file and support any extension name. The supported file encoding is UTF-8 encoding.
  2. Format : Format the input JSON data.
  3. Generate : After entering the c# namespace, click generate to generate the corresponding c# entity class. The class name of the root object is RootEntity.This tool support intelligent processing of keywords, special class names, naming rule checking and other features.
  4. Download : Download the generated c# class file. Important: click Generate before downloading the file.
  5. Array processing: Elements in an array must be of the same type, and array nesting at any level is supported.
  6. If the input JSON data is a completely dynamic structure, you can use the JSONPath to dynamically extract the required data.
  7. The generated class file is based on Newtonsoft.Json library.You need to add corresponding class library dependencies.