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The websocket online test tool can be used as a websocket client to connect to the websocket server of the intranet or public network, and supports receiving and sending text messages in real time. Websocket is a new protocol under HTML5. It realizes the full duplex communication between browser and server, which can better save server resources and bandwidth, and achieve the purpose of real-time communication. Like HTTP, it transmits data through the established TCP connection, but its biggest difference from HTTP is that websocket is a two-way communication protocol. After the connection is established, the websocket server and client can actively send or receive data to each other, just like socket; Like TCP, websocket needs to establish a connection first. Only after the connection is successful can they communicate with each other.

My Public IP

Get my public IP. Through this information, users can know the IP address they use after connecting to the Internet. This tool also supports access through api.

IP Number Converter

IP and numbers are converted to each other, and the converted number is a 32-bit unsigned integer number. IPv4 address is a 32-bit binary number, which is usually divided into 4 "8-bit binary numbers" (that is, 4 bytes). IP addresses are usually expressed in the form of (a.b.c.d) by "dotted decimal", where a, B, C and D are decimal integers between 0 and 255. For example, the dotted decimal IP address ( is actually a 32-bit binary number (01100100.00000100.00000101.00000110).

DNS Lookup Online

The DNS record query tool provides DNS A-type, CNAME type, MX type and TXT type record query functions. Domain name system (English: domain name system, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet. As a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, it can make it easier for people to access the Internet. DNS uses TCP and UDP ports 53. At present, the length limit for each level of domain name is 63 characters, and the total length of domain name cannot exceed 253 characters.

User Agent Analysis Online

User agent online analysis. The Chinese name of user agent is user agent, abbreviated as UA. It is a special string header that enables the server to identify the operating system and version used by the customer, CPU type, browser and version, browser rendering engine, browser language, browser plug-in, etc.

IP/IPv6 Address Query

IP/IPv6 Address Query supports the query of IP and IPv6 addresses. The queried address information includes country, province, city, isp and other information.

Whois Lookup

Domain name whois information query, query the Registrar of the domain name, registration time, DNS information and contact information of the domain name holder.

MQTT WebSocket Client Online

Mqtt websocket online testing tool connects to mqtt broker through websocket, subscribes to message topics, and sends and receives mqtt messages.

Free Public MQTT Broker Online

The public free mqtt broker online supports mqtt, mqtts, ws, wss and other protocol access, and supports mqtt 3.1.1 and 5.0 standards.

Random IP(IPv4/IPv6) Address Generator Online

The random IP(IPv4/IPv6) address generator online tool supports the generation of random IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses, and can specify the generated count, address range and other parameters.

HTTP Response Status Code Full List

Online HTTP response status code query. The HTTP status code indicates the processing status of HTTP requests. It is generally divided into five categories: information, success, redirection, client error, and service error. Common examples include 200 indicating successful response, 404 not found, 500 server internal error, etc.

Common MIME Type List

The list of common MIME types lists the common MIME types, their corresponding file extensions and document types.

Common Ports And Protocols List

A complete list of common ports and protocols online, listing common port numbers, protocols used, service names, service descriptions and other information.

Random Mac Address Generator

The online random MAC address generator supports the generation of 48 bit or 64 bit MAC addresses, and the generation parameters support the setting of case, address format, generation count, limited generation address range, etc.

CIDR Calculator for IPv4 and IPv6

Online IPv4 / IPv6 CIDR network address calculator, which supports calculating the starting IP, ending IP and the number of hosts in the CIDR block.The IPv4 calculation also displays the subnet mask.

Punycode Encoder and Decoder Online

The online Puyncode encoding and decoding tool converts the international domain name to Punycode encoding in DNS to solve the problem that the DNS system only supports English domain name resolution.

IPv6 Address Compress and Expand

Online IPv6 address compress and expand tool that supports the compression and expansion of 0 in IPv6 addresses.