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BMI Chinese Standard

Category BMI Range
Underweight <= 18.4
Normal 18.5 - 23.9
Overweight 24.0 - 27.9
Obese >= 28.0
BMI Index Calculator-summary

Online free BMI index calculator provides BMI index calculation, introduction of BMI calculation formula and display of BMI normal value range.

BMI Index Calculator-instructions

What is BMI index?

BMI (body mass index) is a standard commonly used in the world to measure the degree of obesity and fitness of the human body.

What is the calculation formula of BMI?

When metric units are adopted, the calculation formula of BMI is: BMI = weightkg / ( heightm.
When imperial units are adopted, the calculation formula of BMI is: BMI = [ weightlb / ( heightin )² ] * 703.

What is the normal range of BMI?

The standard division scope of different countries and regions is slightly different. This tool supports Chinese standards, WHO standards , Japanese standards, Singapore standards and Hong Kong Standards. You can select the switching standard to view the corresponding range division table.

Is BMI divided into male and female standards?

BMI index is only related to height and weight, generally regardless of men and women.