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Chinese Idiom Solitaire-summary

Chinese Idiom Solitaire Online, a complete collection of idioms solitaire. The idiom database covers tens of thousands of idioms.

Chinese Idiom Solitaire-instructions
  1. Start Idiom : Please enter the idiom to start Solitaire or the last Chinese character of the idiom to start solitaire.
  2. Rule : The characters are the same. It is required that the first character of the next idiom is equal to the last character of the previous idiom. The pronunciation of the first Chinese character of the next idiom is the same as that of the previous idiom The pronunciation of the last Chinese character can be the same or different.
  3. Select Solitaire Idiom : Select a Solitaire idiom from the list of idioms that meet the rules. If there are many idiom lists, pagination is also supported.
  4. Back : Go back to an idiom and select an idiom from the previous candidate idiom list again.
  5. The idiom of solitaire cannot be repeated.