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Exchange Rate Query

Exchange rate data from:Bank of China.The unit of this table is 100 foreign currency, which is converted into rmb currency.The table is for reference only. The actual transaction exchange rate of the bank shall prevail.
Exchange Rate Query-summary

The real-time exchange rate query tool supports online query of real-time exchange rates of RMB against US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Ruble, Pound and other currencies.

Exchange Rate Query-instructions

Query the real-time exchange rate of RMB to foreign currency online. Support the query of RMB against dozens of currencies such as US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, British pound, ruble, Hong Kong dollar and new Taiwan dollar. Update the data every five minutes at the fastest.

  1. Currency:It is non cash foreign exchange, and the foreign exchange after the transaction is transferred through the bank account.
  2. Cash:Foreign exchange is exchanged in cash.
  3. Buy Sell Price:Data table from the bank's perspective.When individuals buy foreign exchange, it corresponds to the selling price of the bank.