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Color Blindness Test Online

1. Use a professional atlas for visual anomaly detection. The examination results not only include the levels of color vision abnormalities (Color Blindness Level I, Color Blindness Level II, Color Weakness Level III, Color Weakness Level IV), but also the specific types of color vision abnormalities (red green, red, green).
2. When testing, please fill in or select based on the actual situation, and do not guess the answer.
normal people test for color blindness and weakness
Color Blindness Test Online-summary

Online color blind color weakness test, using color blind images for online color blind color weakness test, the test results include color blind color weakness level, color blind color weakness type (red green color blind, red blind, green blind).

Color Blindness Test Online-instructions
  1. The test was conducted under bright natural light, with the distance between the tester's eyes and the image being 60-80 cm. Colored glasses and colored contact lenses should not be used during the test.
  2. Each image should be quickly identified and filled out within 5-10 seconds.
  3. Test Type : Common Test-normal people test for color blindness and weakness. Color Vision Abnormality Test-confirmed color vision abnormalities, check the color of color vision abnormalities. Color Blind Monochromatic Examination-color blindness level I and color blindness level II, confirm whether the specific color is abnormal. Acquired Diseased Color Vision Abnormality Test-examination for pathological (non genetic) visual abnormalities.
  4. Test Order : Each tester should first conduct a Common Test to determine whether there are color-blind or color-weak color vision abnormalities.
    If there are color vision abnormalities, conduct a Color Vision Abnormality Test and make a diagnosis of red green color blindness (color weakness), red blindness (color weakness), or green blindness (color weakness) or other conditions.
    For testers with color blindness levels I and II, it is recommended to perform a Color Blind Monochromatic Examination to determine the specific color of color blindness.
    For pathological color vision abnormalities, it is recommended to undergo ophthalmic examination to clarify the nature and degree of the disease.
  5. The test example diagram is as follows:
  6. Classification of color vision abnormalities
    Category Result Level
    Color Blindness Red Green Color Blindness Red and green images cannot be read
    Red Color Blindness Green image can be read, red image cannot be read
    Green Color Blindness Red image can be read, green image cannot be read
    Color Weakness Red Green Color Weakness Difficulty in reading red and green images
    Red Color Weakness Difficulty in reading red images
    Green Color Weakness Difficulty in reading green images
  7. Genetic characteristics of color blindness
    Abnormal color vision, commonly known as color blindness, is one of the important genetic diseases in humans There are a large number of patients. Since the application of genetic engineering technology in the medical field, Humans have gained a deeper understanding of the essence of genetic diseases. Color dependent gene It has been found that the causes of congenital color vision abnormalities in humans have been clearly identified Southern blot transfer hybridization analysis of color in patients with abnormal red green perception The absence of color perception genes and the formation of hybrid genes (hybrid) Gene or fusion gene is the primary cause of red green color blindness Due to. It is currently recognized that genetic engineering technology is the main diagnostic tool for genetic diseases, It is also the most effective measure for preventing and treating genetic diseases.
    Congenital color blindness is an X-linked recessive inheritance (intergenerational inheritance, i.e. male) Sexual color blindness is transmitted from a daughter to a nephew, and genetic genes are carried on the X chromosome. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, one of which is a sex chromosome. Female sexual infection Chromosome XX, male sex chromosome XY. Color blind sites in X staining On the short arm of the body, the Y chromosome is relatively short and small, without corresponding alleles. Therefore, the male sex chromosome (XY) only needs to have a colored blind base on the X chromosome Because it manifests as color blindness; Women need to have color blindness genes on both X chromosomes, It only manifests as color blindness. If only one X chromosome has a color blindness gene, she It is not manifested as color blindness, but as a genetic carrier that can be passed on to her Dai. Therefore, she is referred to as a medium or covert color blind. Genetics and Genetics As follows:
    Genetic diagram of color blindness