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Safe Days Calculator

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The first day of menstruation
The average number of days between the first day of two menstruations
Duration of menstruation
Safe Days Calculator-summary

Safe Days Calculator online is a free physiological period calculation tool, which can calculate the safe period, ovulation period and menstrual period date online according to the selected menstrual time.

Safe Days Calculator-instructions

What is safe days?

Safe days refers to the period when women are not easy to get pregnant during this period. The safe period is divided into pre ovulation safe period and post ovulation safe period. The safe period before ovulation is from the day when menstruation is clean to the first three days of ovulation. The safe period after ovulation is from the first day after the end of ovulation to the day before the next menstrual cycle. Generally speaking, the safe period after ovulation is safer than the safe period before ovulation. Judging the safe period can only reduce the probability of pregnancy and can not completely avoid pregnancy.

What is the safety period?

Women's safe period is 5 days before and 4 days after menstruation. During this period, the general probability of pregnancy is relatively low.

Will you get pregnant during the safe days?

The safe days only reduces the probability of pregnancy and cannot completely avoid pregnancy. According to statistics, the failure rate of safe period contraception is 14.4% ~ 47%.

How to calculate ovulation period?

Ovulation is usually 14 days before the next menstruation, not 14 days after the beginning of this one. For the sake of insurance, the first 5 days and the next 4 days of ovulation day, together with the ovulation day, are counted as the ovulation period.