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Currency Converter

Exchange rate data from:Bank of China.The unit of exchange rate is 100 foreign currency, which is converted into rmb currency.The tool is for reference only. The actual transaction exchange rate of the bank shall prevail.

Currency Converter-summary

The Currency Converter tool adopts the latest exchange rate to calculate the exchange rate of RMB into U.S. dollars, euros, Japanese yen and other currencies.

Currency Converter-instructions

The online exchange rate conversion tool supports the calculation of the exchange rate of RMB into dozens of currencies such as US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and ruble. The exchange rate shall be subject to the latest exchange rate of the Bank of China. The publishing time is the time when the Bank of China releases the exchange rate. Please pay attention.

  1. Mode:
    Currency:It is non cash foreign exchange, and the foreign exchange after the transaction is transferred through the bank account.
    Cash:Foreign exchange is exchanged in cash.
  2. When there is no exchange rate data for the selected currency and transaction mode, you can fill in the exchange rate manually. The unit of exchange rate filled in is the amount of RMB required to purchase 100 foreign currencies.