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Digital Binary Converter

Support float and binary / hexadecimal conversion, double and binary / hexadecimal conversion, short and binary / hexadecimal conversion, int and binary / hexadecimal conversion, long and binary / hexadecimal conversion. The byte order needs to be selected during conversion, and the default is large end order. Big end mode means that the high byte of data is saved in the low address of memory. Small end mode means that the high byte of data is saved in the high address of memory.

CRC Calculation Online

The cyclic redundancy check calculation function of CRC8, CRC16, CRC32 and crc64 is provided to detect or verify possible errors after data transmission or saving. It uses the principle of division and remainder to detect errors. When calculating, pay attention to different algorithms (including polynomial, initial value, whether to reverse, etc.), and the calculation results will be different.

Run Code Online

The online code running tool supports online running, editing and compiling of dozens of programming languages such as Java, c#, golang, C, C + +, JS, typescript, PHP and rust.

XOR Checksum / BCC Checksum Online

The Block Check Character (BCC) online calculation tool supports online calculation BCC values of binary data (hex representation), string data and file data, so as to detect whether there are errors in the data transmission process.

JSON Format/JSON Parse Online

JSON Format/JSON Parse Online tool support online verification of JSON data format, formatting JSON data display, parsing JSON data, compressing JSON data and escaping JSON data. JSON data source supports inputting strings, opening local files and opening URLs.

Base Converter

Number base converter, which supports the conversion of data within thirty-six hexadecimal, such as binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, etc. Conversion supports integer and float numbers.

Cron Expression Evaluation

Cron expression calculation, online calculation of the execution plan time of cron (crontab) expression. Cron expression supports Linux style, cron4j style, quartz style and spring style.

Explore Code Repository

Search the code repository and code snippets of dozens of programming languages such as java, c#, golang, js and python online. edit and run code online.

MQTT WebSocket Client Online

Mqtt websocket online testing tool connects to mqtt broker through websocket, subscribes to message topics, and sends and receives mqtt messages.

ASCII Code Table

ASCII code table online, query ASCII code 0-255 corresponding characters, including control characters, printable characters and extended characters.

Hash Calculation Online

Calculate the hash value of text and file online, and the calculation supports MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512 algorithms. The input data supports string, hex, base64 string or file. The hash value of the corresponding data is calculated, and the calculation result is expressed as hexadecimal string and base64 string.

curl Commoand to Code

The online curl command to code tool supports the conversion of curl commands into java, golang, python, js, php, rust, dart and other programming language codes.

True Code/One's Complement/Two's Complement Calculator Online

Online true code, One's Complement code, and Two's Complement calculator, supporting the calculation of 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit, and any bits of integer number's true code, One's Complement code, and Two's Complement.

Convert Text&Image to XBM Online

Convert text&image to xbm tool online, supporting the generation of black and white dot matrices for text and images, and downloading the generated black and white dot matrices as XBM files or image files.

XBM Editor Online

Online XBM editor, edit XBM files online, edit dot matrix data online, and the edited xbm files can be downloaded locally.

Longitudinal Redundancy Check Calculator Online

Online LRC Check (Longitudinal Redundancy Check) calculator calculates the longitudinal redundancy check value (LRC) of input data. The input data supports text, HEX data, and Base64 data, and the check value results are displayed in HEX, decimal, octal, and binary formats.