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XOR Checksum / BCC Checksum Online

XOR Checksum / BCC Checksum Online-summary

The Block Check Character (BCC) online calculation tool supports online calculation BCC values of binary data (hex representation), string data and file data, so as to detect whether there are errors in the data transmission process.

XOR Checksum / BCC Checksum Online-instructions

Block check character (BCC) is a channel coding technology that generates fixed digit check code according to byte data packets or computer files. It is mainly used to detect or check the possible errors after data transmission or storage. It uses byte XOR calculation for error detection.

  1. Input content:support string, hex content type. When the input content is string, the charset parameter is valid. The UTF-8 character set is compatible with the ASCII character set. Only enter the characters to be calculated, and do not include redundant spaces. When the input content is hex, redundant spaces are automatically removed, and there is no need to enter the prefix 0x character.
  2. Upload File: click upload file to calculate the bcc xor value of the file. The maximum file size is 5MB. The file content will be automatically converted to hex string, and the content type will be automatically set to hex.
  3. The calculation results will be displayed in hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary forms respectively.

BCC calculation process

Sample data(HEX):AE 01 03 59
Computing method:Result=AE xor 01 xor 03 xor 59 = F5