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CRC calculation online

CRC calculation online-summary

The cyclic redundancy check calculation function of CRC8, CRC16, CRC32 and crc64 is provided to detect or verify possible errors after data transmission or saving. It uses the principle of division and remainder to detect errors. When calculating, pay attention to different algorithms (including polynomial, initial value, whether to reverse, etc.), and the calculation results will be different.

CRC calculation online-instructions

Cyclic Redundancy Check,( CRC)is a channel coding technology that generates short fixed digit check code according to network data packets or computer files. It is mainly used to detect or check the possible errors after data transmission or storage. It uses the principle of division and remainder to detect errors. This tool supports online calculation of CRC8, CRC16, CRC32 and CRC64.

  1. Input Content:support string, hex and Base64. When the input content is string, the character set parameter is valid. The UTF-8 character set is compatible with the ASCII character set. Only enter the characters to be calculated, and do not include redundant spaces. When the input content is hex, redundant spaces are automatically removed, and there is no need to enter the prefix 0x character.
  2. Upload File: click upload file to calculate the CRC value of the file. The maximum file size is 5MB. The file content will be automatically converted to hex string, and the content type will be automatically set to hex.
  3. Algorithm:select CRC calculation algorithm, and other parameters will be automatically read according to the selected algorithm without setting.
  4. Bit Width:Number of bits of CRC check result.
  5. Polynomial formula:The abbreviation of the generated formula, expressed in hexadecimal. Ignore the highest "1".
  6. Initial Value:The initial preset value of the algorithm,expressed in hexadecimal.
  7. REFIN:Whether each byte of input data is reversed by bit.
  8. REFOUT:Whether the whole data is reversed bit by bit after calculation and before the result is output.
  9. XOROUT:The final CRC value is obtained after the calculation result XOR with this parameter.

Table of common CRC parameters

Algorithm Polynomial Formula Bit Width Polynomial Initial Value XOROUT REFIN REFOUT

The string length is 19, One byte is converted to two hexadecimal characters

I wont use a hexstring but it comes "invalid hex sting" for A401000155001DEAD63 (base 16).

thanks,so useful

Hello. I am trying to implement a CRC-7/MMC algorithm in C++ but I'm running into some problems. For the input 123456789 I do not get 0x75 as website says, but I get 0x5a.

CRC-32-C algorithm has been added

very useful utility, can you add this crc: CRC-32-C : X32 + X28 + X27 + X26 + X25 + X23 + X22 + X20 + X19 + X18 + X14 + X13 + X11 + X10 + X9 + X8 + X6 + 1 ? thank you

Thank you for your feedback.We will introduce binary content type to support any number of bits.

CRC-5-USB needs to work with non-byte-aligned data, as USB uses 11-bit data fields. Without the ability to enter binary data, this calculator is unusable for this algorithm.