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UUID Generator Online

UUID online generator, guid online generator tool (GUID is a term for UUID by Microsoft). Support the generation of UUIDs for version 1 and version 4 algorithms. Version4 UUID is generally used.

UNIX Timestamp Converter

UNIX timestamps and time are converted to each other. UNIX timestamp (UNIX epoch, UNIX time, POSIX time or UNIX timestamp in English) is the number of seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970 (midnight of UTC / GMT), regardless of leap seconds.

URLEncode Encoding and Decoding

URLEncode encoding and decoding, convert the characters to be transcoded into hexadecimal, then take 4 bits from right to left (less than 4 bits are processed directly), make one bit every 2 bits, add% in front, and encode into% XY format. It is applicable to the encoding of uniform resource identifier (URI). It is also used to prepare data for "application / x-www-form-urlencoded" mime, and then submit HTML form data through HTTP request.

MD5 Encryption

Calculate the MD5 hash value of the text, and the output result is expressed in HEX string and Base64 format. The input text will be converted into byte array using the selected character set, and then the MD5 hash value of the binary data will be calculated, and then the hash value will be expressed as HEX string and Base64 string.


The websocket online test tool can be used as a websocket client to connect to the websocket server of the intranet or public network, and supports receiving and sending text messages in real time. Websocket is a new protocol under HTML5. It realizes the full duplex communication between browser and server, which can better save server resources and bandwidth, and achieve the purpose of real-time communication. Like HTTP, it transmits data through the established TCP connection, but its biggest difference from HTTP is that websocket is a two-way communication protocol. After the connection is established, the websocket server and client can actively send or receive data to each other, just like socket; Like TCP, websocket needs to establish a connection first. Only after the connection is successful can they communicate with each other.

JavaScript Regular Expression Test

JavaScript regular expression (JS regular expression) online test, providing JavaScript regular expression online matching and replacement functions. By controlling parameter settings, you can control the behavior of regular expressions, such as ignoring case, global mode, multiline mode, etc.

User Agent Analysis Online

User agent online analysis. The Chinese name of user agent is user agent, abbreviated as UA. It is a special string header that enables the server to identify the operating system and version used by the customer, CPU type, browser and version, browser rendering engine, browser language, browser plug-in, etc.

Layui Documentation

View of layui documents, provide layui library download, layui online documents, layui online examples, view of layer documents and examples, view of laydate documents and examples

HTML Editor Online

The online HTML editor provides the function of online rich text editing, and converts the edited rich text into HTML documents

HTML Color Picker

The HTML color picker selects the HTML color online and obtains the RGB value of the corresponding color. Supports transparency settings. This tool also provides common HTML color query and common HTML color name reference table query. HTML color is generally composed of red (R), green (g) and blue (b). Red, green and blue values (RGB) are usually represented by hexadecimal numbers. The lowest value of each color is 0 (hexadecimal 00) and the highest value is 255 (hexadecimal FF). Hexadecimal values are written as # numbers followed by three or six or eight hexadecimal characters. The three digit representation is: #rgb. The six digits are expressed as: #rrggbb. The eight digits are represented as #rrggbbaa, and the last two hexadecimal digits are alpha channel values, indicating the transparency of the color.

Run Code Online

The online code running tool supports online running, editing and compiling of dozens of programming languages such as Java, c#, golang, C, C + +, JS, typescript, PHP and rust.

HTML Encode / Decode Online

HTML encoding and decoding tool, providing HTML entity online Decode and Encode functions. This tool supports encoding reserved characters in HTML into HTML character entities, and converting HTML character entities into corresponding characters.

JSON5 Beautify / Validator Online

The JSON5 Beautify / Validator Online tool provides online json5 format verification, json5 format, json5 data compression and json5 data beautification functions.

SVG Editor Online

SVG Editor Online tool supports online opening and editing of SVG pictures, with rich SVG basic shapes and styles built in. After editing, you can export pictures in SVG and PNG formats.

JSON Format/JSON Parse Online

JSON Format/JSON Parse Online tool support online verification of JSON data format, formatting JSON data display, parsing JSON data, compressing JSON data and escaping JSON data. JSON data source supports inputting strings, opening local files and opening URLs.

Longitude Latitude Query and Positioning

Longitude Latitude Query and Positioning online:pick up the longitude and latitude coordinates through the online map, or query the longitude and latitude coordinates of the address. You can also reverse query the address information through the longitude and latitude coordinates.

Explore Code Repository

Search the code repository and code snippets of dozens of programming languages such as java, c#, golang, js and python online. edit and run code online.

MQTT WebSocket Client Online

Mqtt websocket online testing tool connects to mqtt broker through websocket, subscribes to message topics, and sends and receives mqtt messages.

JSONPath Evaluator Online

Jsonpath evaluator online provides jsonpath online evaluate function. You can enter JSON data and then use jsonpath to extract the data.

CSS Selectors Reference

The CSS selector defines the range of elements that CSS rules apply to. This tool provides a reference manual for CSS universal selectors, type selectors, class selectors, id selectors, combination selectors, attribute selectors, pseudo class selectors, and so on. It also shows the CSS Level that this selector was introduced into.

Javascript Obfuscator Online

JavaScript obfuscation and encryption tool online supports online obfuscation and encryption of JavaScript code. Obfuscation supports low obfuscation high performance, medium obfuscation optimal performance, high obfuscation low performance modes. You can also control the detailed process of obfuscation by customizing parameters.

Hash Calculation Online

Calculate the hash value of text and file online, and the calculation supports MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512 algorithms. The input data supports string, hex, base64 string or file. The hash value of the corresponding data is calculated, and the calculation result is expressed as hexadecimal string and base64 string.

CSS Color Converter

The online CSS color convert tool supports color conversion between rgb, hex, hsl, hsv, hwb and other formats.

curl Commoand to Code

The online curl command to code tool supports the conversion of curl commands into java, golang, python, js, php, rust, dart and other programming language codes.

CSS Beautify and Minify

CSS beautify tools and minify tools online provide one click CSS beautification function and one click CSS minimization compression function.

JS Beautify and Minify

JS beautify tools and minify tools online provide one click JS beautification function and one click JS minimization function.

HTML Beautify and Minify

HTML beautify tools and minify tools online provide one click HTML beautification function and one click HTML minimization function.

HTML to JS Converter Online

HTML to JS converter online, providing the function of HTML source code to JS variable. It can be converted based on template string or ordinary string concatenating.

Image Color Picker Online

The image color picker online, extracts color values at any position of the image.