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WEBSOCKET online test

WEBSOCKET online test-summary

The websocket online test tool can be used as a websocket client to connect to the websocket server of the intranet or public network, and supports receiving and sending text messages in real time. Websocket is a new protocol under HTML5. It realizes the full duplex communication between browser and server, which can better save server resources and bandwidth, and achieve the purpose of real-time communication. Like HTTP, it transmits data through the established TCP connection, but its biggest difference from HTTP is that websocket is a two-way communication protocol. After the connection is established, the websocket server and client can actively send or receive data to each other, just like socket; Like TCP, websocket needs to establish a connection first. Only after the connection is successful can they communicate with each other.

WEBSOCKET online test-instructions

Websocket online test supports connecting public and intranet websocket server.

  1. The address format is wss://serveraddress,you need to use a secure websocket connection
  2. Support sending text messages.
  3. After the connection is established, you can start sending messages.

This tool uses browser API to implement websocket access. The websocket server you can connect to depends on the network where your computer is located

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