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RMB Number Converter

It provides the function of converting online RMB numbers to uppercase numbers. Capital figures are a unique digital writing method in China. Chinese characters with the same pronunciation with numbers are used to replace numbers in order to prevent numbers from being altered. Replace the numbers "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, hundred and thousand" with complex Chinese characters such as "壹、贰、叁、肆、伍、陆、柒、捌、玖、拾、佰、仟".

ID Number Query

ID Number Query tool, input ID number, query the corresponding place of certification, gender, date of birth and other information.

Simplified and Traditional Chinese Converter

Simplified and Traditional Chinese Converter tool, which provides text conversion between simplified chinese, traditional chinese, Taiwan traditional and Hong Kong traditional chinese. Traditional Chinese character conversion supports standard conversion and common language replacement conversion.

Random ID Number Generation

Online random ID number generation tool, which supports online batch production of random ID number. The generated information includes provinces, cities, districts and counties, date of birth, gender and age.

Chines to Pinyin

The online Chinese character to Pinyin tool converts Chinese characters into pinyin, and supports the functions of displaying tone, polyphone, uppercase Pinyin, lowercase Pinyin and so on.

Chinese Relationship Calculator

Calculate online how to call Chinese relatives and how relatives call me. It also supports calculating the corresponding person relationship through relative.

Chinese License Plate Number Query

This tool provides license plate number ownership query and license plate information query of all provinces and cities in China.

China Mobile Phone Number Address Query

The online mobile phone number address query tool is used to query the address information, isp information and number segment information of the mobile phone number.

Lunar and Solar Calendar Converter

The lunar and solar calendar conversion tool provides online Chinese lunar calendar to solar calendar, and solar to Chinese lunar calendar functions.

Chinese Idioms Full List Online

The online chinese idiom full list supports idiom query, idiom explanation and idiom example viewing. You can fuzzy query idioms according to the words or phonetic abbreviations. This tool contains tens of thousands of chinese idioms and provides online query function of idiom dictionary.

Chinese Idiom Solitaire

Chinese Idiom Solitaire Online, a complete collection of idioms solitaire. The idiom database covers tens of thousands of idioms.

Chinese Allegorical Sayings

Chinese allegorical sayings full list, chinese allegorical sayings query online.This tool contains more than 14000 allegorical sayings.

Garbage Classification Query

Garbage classification in China query, query the classification of garbage and introduce garbage classification knowledge.

Chinese Character Splitting Online

The Chinese character splitting tool online, which splits Chinese characters from left to right or from top to bottom.

Express Query Online

Online express query tools include Shunfeng Express, JD Express,China Postal Express, Shentong Express, Yuantong Express, Yunda Express, Tiantian Express, Zhongtong Express, DHL Express, UPS Express, Fedex, etc.

China's Holiday Schedule

Online China holiday arrangement query, query the holiday arrangement plan and compensatory leave plan of each festival over the years.

Chinese Character Stroke Order Query

Online Chinese character stroke order query, support the query of Chinese character or sentence stroke order, support the online test of stroke order.

Chinese Surnames with Pinyin

The full text of online hundred surnames, the online hundred surnames ranking table, and the full text of online hundred surnames with pinyin.

Chinese Zodiac Query Online

Online Chinese zodiac age query tool, which can query Chinese zodiac signs based on age,query age base on chinese zodiac, and year-zodiac reference table.

Chinese Lunar Time Converter Online

The online chinese time conversion tool converts twelve units and ninety-six quarters into corresponding times, and converts time into corresponding units and quarters.

Add Spaces between Chinese and English Character Online

Automatically add a space tool between Chinese and English characters online, automatically adding spaces between Chinese and English characters in the input text.

Chinese Character Unicode Code Point Range

Online Chinese character Unicode code point range query tool, query the Unicode code point range of Chinese characters, and view all Chinese characters within the code point range.

Random Chinese License Plate Number Generator Online

Online random chinese license plate number generator, supporting the random generation of various types of license plate numbers for ordinary cars, new energy vehicles, trailers, training cars, police cars, etc. It also supports the generation of custom license plate numbers through templates. The generated license plate number supports copying and downloading.

Online Foreigner Permanent Residence ID Card Number Generator

The online tool for generating permanent residence ID card numbers in China for foreigners can generate 18 new versions of permanent residence ID card numbers online. It supports user-defined countries, accepting provinces, birth dates and other parameters. The generated results can be downloaded locally.

China Permanent Residence ID Card Number Query Online

Online permanent residence card number query tool, which can query the province, nationality, date of birth and other information contained in the new version of 18 foreigners' permanent residence ID card number. Batch query is supported.

Chinese Pinyin First Letter Online

Online Chinese Pinyin Initial Abbreviation Tool, obtains the first letter of Chinese Pinyin in input text, supports parameter settings such as polyphonic characters, half width, and full width. The generated pinyin initials support downloading to the local device.