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Chines to Pinyin

Chines to Pinyin-summary

The online Chinese character to Pinyin tool converts Chinese characters into pinyin, and supports the functions of displaying tone, polyphone, uppercase Pinyin, lowercase Pinyin and so on.

Chines to Pinyin-instructions

Chinese character to Pinyin tool, which supports online conversion of input Chinese characters into pinyin. The converted Pinyin supports intelligent detection of multi tone words and can correctly phoneticize most multi tone words. The converted Pinyin results can be displayed in lowercase or uppercase characters. You can also customize the split character between Pinyin and Pinyin. And choose how to deal with unrecognized Pinyin characters.

  1. Input content supports up to 10000 characters.
  2. Pinyin style determines what form of Pinyin results. The phonetic form produced by With Tone iszhōng。 The phonetic form produced by No Tone iszhong。 The phonetic form produced by Tone2 iszho1ng。 The phonetic form produced by Tone1 iszhong1
  3. Click Parameters to fine-grained control the conversion process from Chinese characters to Pinyin. For example, set whether to display multiple Pinyin of polyphonic words, and whether to use ü instead of v. Whether to use the number 5 to indicate the tone, lowercase or uppercase of pinyin result. For characters that cannot be phoneticized, choose whether to keep or delete them. Finally, you can also set the separation character between Pinyin and Pinyin, The default is blank. You can also fill in other characters or leave blank.