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Coordinate Projection Calculator Online

Coordinate Projection Calculator Online-summary

Online coordinate projection calculation tool, supporting mutual conversion between longitude and latitude coordinates and projection plane coordinates. Projection supports multiple calculation methods such as Mercator, Transverse Mercator, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Web Mercator, and more.

Coordinate Projection Calculator Online-instructions

Online coordinate projection calculation supports longitude and latitude under various geodetic coordinate system, and can be converted with plane coordinates. Conversion supports multiple projection algorithms: Mercator projection, Transverse Mercator projection, Universal Transverse Mercator projection (UTM), Web Mercator projection, etc. The built-in geodetic coordinates include MERIT, SGS85, GRS80, IAU76, GRS67, helmert, WGS60, WGS66, WGS72, WGS84. It also supports customization of geodetic coordinate system through ellipsoid Semi-major axis and reverse flattening of the ellipsoid.

  1. Input Coordinates : Enter geodetic coordinates or XY coordinates. Use Comma-separated values, and enter one coordinate per line. Supports input of multiple lines. the geodetic coordinates format is longitude, latitude (L , B), The units is degrees(°). The XY coordinates format is X , Y, The unit is meters(m).
  2. Projection : Select the projection method. Built in support for Mercator(abbr merc), Transverse Mercator(abbr tmerc), Universal Transverse Mercator(abbr utm), Web Mercator(abbr webmerc), Lambert Conformal Conic(abbr lcc), Lambert Equal Area Conic(abbr leac), Albers Equal Area(abbr aea).
    Gauss Kruger projection, Gauss Boaga projection, UTM northern hemisphere, UTM southern hemisphere, Transverse Mercator southern oriented are special form of Transverse Mercator, which can be achieved by selecting the Transverse Mercator projection and setting corresponding parameters.
  3. Ellipsoid : Select the ellipsoid definition of the geodetic coordinates, which supports user-defined ellipsoids.
  4. Semi-major Axis : The semi-major axis of a custom ellipsoid, in meters (m). The value range is [6370000,6379999].
  5. Reverse Flattening : Reverse flattening of the ellipsoid, 1/f. The value range is [270,300].
  6. LB→XY : Convert geodetic coordinates (longitude, latitude) to XY coordinates (X , Y).
  7. XY→LB : Convert XY coordinates (X , Y) to geodetic coordinates (longitude, latitude) .
  8. Projection Parameter :
    Name Description Used by Default Unit
    lat_ts Latitude of true scale. Defines the latitude where scale is not distorted. Takes precedence over k_0 if both options are used together. merc parameter 0.0 decimal degree(°)
    k_0 Scale factor. Determines scale factor used in the projection. merc,tmerc,lcc parameter 1.0
    lon_0 Longitude of projection center merc,tmerc,webmerc,lcc,leac,aea parameter 0.0 decimal degree(°)
    lat_0 Latitude of projection center tmerc,lcc parameter 0.0 decimal degree(°)
    lat_1 First standard parallel lcc required, leac, aea required parameter 0.0 decimal degree(°)
    lat_2 Second standard parallel lcc,aea required parameter 0.0 decimal degree(°)
    x_0 False easting merc,tmerc,webmerc,lcc,leac,aea parameter 0.0 meter(m)
    y_0 False northing merc, tmerc, webmerc, lcc, leac, ara parameter 0.0 meter(m)
    zone Select which UTM zone to use. Can be a value between 1-60 utm required parameter
    south Add this flag when using the UTM on the southern hemisphere utm, leac parameter
  9. Open File : Support for opening UTF-8 encoded text files.
  10. This tool has a certain frequency limit, please use this tool reasonably. Anonymous : 30/IP*Hour, Normal user : 30/Hour, VIP : 120/Hour, Senior VIP : 120/Hour.
    Anonymous and normal users can only enter one set of coordinates at a time, and batch conversion is not supported. VIP and advanced VIP users support batch conversion.
  11. Built in ellipsoid parameters :
    Name Semi-major axis(a) Reverse flattening(rf)
    MERIT 6378137.0 m 298.257
    SGS85 6378136.0 m 298.257
    GRS80 6378137.0 m 298.257222101
    IAU76 6378140.0 m 298.257
    GRS67 6378160.0 298.2471674270
    helmert 6378200 m 298.3
    WGS60 6378165.0 m 298.3
    WGS66 6378145.0 m 298.25
    WGS72 6378135.0 m 298.26
    WGS84 6378137.0 m 298.257223563
  12. Example : using Gauss-Kruger on Germany area (aka EPSG:31467)
    Parameters : Projection=Transverse Mercator, lat_0=0, lon_0=9, k_0=1, x_0=3500000, y_0=0, Ellipsoid=Custom, a=6377397.155, rf=299.1528128 .