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SSL Certificate Generator

The SSL certificate generated by this website is not the certificate issued by the CA organization, but is only used for learning and testing (for example, using nginx to deploy HTTPS website). When visiting the deployed HTTPS website, you will be prompted for untrusted certificates.

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SSL Certificate Generator-summary

Online free SSL certificate generator, online generation of SSL domain name certificate and IP certificate for learning and testing. You can use the generated certificate to publish HTTPS sites.

SSL Certificate Generator-instructions
  1. Enter the domain name or IP and generate the corresponding domain name certificate or IP certificate. You can also generate wildcard certificates, eg*.example.com.
  2. Algorithm: select encryption algorithm. The tool support RSA and ECDSA certificate algorithms. RSA algorithm is generally used.
  3. Store Type: when you download the certificate, the certificate will be stored in pkcs12 format. You need to enter the storage password and certificate alias. The default store password is lddgo.net.
  4. Download: a zip compressed file containing four files:
    cert.pem: certificate in PEM format.
    private.key: private key in PEM format.
    generate.cer: certificate in CER format.
    generate.P12: certificate stored in PKCS12 format, including private key.

    When you deploy a website using nginx, use cert.pem and private.key two files. If you need certificates in other formats, you can use tools such as OpenSSL to convert them.