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Note: please ensure that the QR code url address supports cross domain access and https protocol. If it is not supported, please download it locally first, and then use the uploaded QR code image to decode.
Unable to access video stream (please make sure you have a webcam enabled)
QR Code Scanner Online-summary

QR Code Scanner Online (QR code decoder) support online scanning of QR code pictures, opening QR code https address or taking photos with camera to obtain QR code and decode the information contained in QR code.

QR Code Scanner Online-instructions
Online QR code scanner supports online scanning, identifying QR code and decoding data information in QR code. It supports uploading QR code pictures, opening QR code url address, or identifying QR code information taken in camera.
  1. Upload QR Code Image:Upload the local QR code image file. After scanning, the data information contained in the QR code will pop up.
  2. Open QR Code Url:Load the QR code image corresponding to the url address and decode the data information contained therein.
  3. Webcam Scan QR code:Use the camera of the device to identify the captured QR code information in real time. After identifying the QR code information, the access of the camera will be automatically stopped.