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DES Encryption and Decryption

DES Encryption and Decryption-summary

Des symmetric encryption is a more traditional encryption method. Its encryption and decryption operations use the same key. When transmitting and processing information, the sender and receiver of information must jointly hold the password (called symmetric password). It is a symmetric encryption algorithm.

DES Encryption and Decryption-instructions

The online DES encryption and decryption tool supports the online DES encryption and decryption function. The input and output data formats support string, hex and base64 formats.

  1. The length of the password is 8 bytes, and the length of IV (initialization vector) is also 8 bytes. The entered password and the value of IV will be converted into a byte array using the selected character set. The length of the converted byte number is required to be 8.
  2. Because string format cannot accurately express byte array, string is not supported as output format in encryption mode. In decryption mode, string is not supported as input format.
  3. ECB mode does not require IV (initialization vector). CBC, CTR, OFB, CFB mode requires IV.
  4. The input content is converted into a byte array, which needs to be aligned to 8 bytes. Nopadding alignment cannot be selected if the length of the input byte array is not a multiple of 8.