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Image base64 converter

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Image base64 converter-summary

Converts the selected picture to a Base64 string, or converts the specified Base64 string to a picture. The converted string contains MIME type, which can be used directly by the front end. If you need to get a pure Base64 string that does not contain mime, use the File base64 converter.

Image base64 converter-instructions
The Image to Base64 tool provides the function of converting images to Base64 strings online. This tool does not limit the file size. The supported file formats include: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg, webp, bmp, ico. The image is converted to Base64 string, which can be directly embedded in the document, which is conducive to reducing network requests, but increases the file size by 33%. When you use the Base64 to Image function, fill in the base64 string in the base64 content input box in the format of data:image/jpeg; base64,/9j/APZ8... .

Use Base64 Image in CSS and HTML

  background-image: url("...");
<img src="..."/>