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Make Basic Scatter Chart Online

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Make Basic Scatter Chart Online-summary

Make scatter charts online for free. Make scatter chart online, support filling in data online or uploading excel files, and support exporting the generated scatter chart to JPG, PNG and PDF files.

Make Basic Scatter Chart Online-instructions
  1. Make scatter chart online, and support downloading as JPG, PNG pictures and PDF files.
  2. Width and Height : Manually set the width and height of the chart in pixels.
  3. Edit the data in the table below and click generate to regenerate the scatter chart using the filled data. Right click the table to add rows or columns.
  4. The format of table data is : Odd columns are x-axis data and even columns are y-axis data. The odd column in the first row is the name of the scatter chart series, such as 2022. The odd column in the second row is the name of the x-axis, such as Income. The even column in the second row is the y-axis name, such as Expenditure.
  5. When the scatter chart has only one series (In the first row, only the first column has value, and the other columns have no data), the Regression parameters will take effect. The parameter value can be linear regression, polynomial regression, exponential regression and logarithmic regression.
  6. When polynomial regression is selected, the default maximum is the power of 2. Click Custom button, then you can modify the transform.config.order parameter to use other powers. The value of the order parameter ranges from 2 to 50.
  7. Upload Excel : Supports uploading xls, xlsx Excel files. The format of table file is the same as above.
  8. Custom : Click the Custom button to edit the ECharts chart parameters in the way of JSON configuration. Custom parameters will overwrite form parameters and table data. You can use this configuration method when you are familiar with the ECharts framework.